In 2007, after searching far and wide for the perfect family dog, we chose a Coton de Tulear puppy that instantly became part of the family. Zeke is the perfect dog. At the time we were not considering breeding, and neutered him per our agreement with the breeder- which we regret, now that we know how good his disposition really is!


... joined our family in February of 2017, born Christmas Eve, 2016. Stella is a typical teenager, energetic and full of life as she races around the house and keeps old Zeke acting like a puppy himself. She is a great playmate and enjoys teasing. She also enjoys naps and snuggling, and has a sweet little grunt when she burrows into tight spaces- under your leg, between your ankles, or anywhere that's close to you. Stella delivered her first litter, 2 healthy puppies on June 15th, 2019!

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luna bean

Remembering Luna Bean

Born in 2012 to Jack and Lolo of Colorado Cotons in Longmont Colorado.

A famous local princess, she would even sleep on the bed, occasionally.

Luna's first litter was born March 25, 2015

Tragically, Luna passed away the last week of 2015. We miss her.